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AYuTe African Challenge – Uganda

AYuTe-African-Challenge-Season 2

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Empowering Youth for Agric-tech

A vibrant showcase of the 2022 AYuTe Africa Challenge Uganda’s young changemakers, the Challenge gallery captures the spirit of innovation, leadership, and resilience. Witness the transformative projects and inspiring stories that are shaping a brighter future for Uganda and Africa as a whole.


We launched  with an exclusive event which marked the beginning of an exciting innovation challenge, bringing together visionaries, agricultural enthusiasts and industry experts from across the country

Pitching Session
- Contestants

Filled with anticipation and excitement, innovators took on the stage to showcase their Agri-tech innovations. Each participant passionately presented their ideas, defending their functionality and how applicable they are to small holder farmers in Uganda.


Our innovators showcased their Agri-tech solutions in the real world. They illustrated how their innovations benefit small holder farmers and transform the way agriculture is done in Uganda


A massive celebration of the outstanding achievements of the top 3 finalists. Throughout the event, the atmosphere was filled excitement as we celebrated their vision, dedication and ingenuity through the challenge.